Budapest Danube dinner cruise – What to see in Budapest

Budapest is an incredible travel location to visit. Ancient history, an imperial background, Europe’s biggest river and a stunning architecture. Budapest offers a lot of travel attractions and the most famous is the Budapest river cruise. But there are a lot of attractions in Budapest, we will talk about some of them and finishing with some details about the Danube river cruise.

Overlooking the Danube, where the fishermen’s guild built their defense walls in the Middle Ages, is the impressive Fisherman’s Bastion. The Neo-Romanesque complex of towers, courtyards, colonnades, and walls was built between 1895 and 1902. It’s one of the most popular points in the city for tourists, with its views over the city and the Danube. In the south courtyard stands a bronze equestrian statue of St. Stephen, the first King of Hungary. The reliefs on the sides of the base depict scenes from Stephen’s life.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the construction of Buda Castle first began in the 13th century, and since then the building has undergone a number of architectural changes. Today, it’s a combination of the medieval, Baroque, Baroque Revival and modernist styles, and its grounds provide an impressive lookout point over Pest. It’s also home to the Hungarian National Gallery, an art museum showcasing local artists. Along with the Hungarian Parliament Building, St Stephen’s Basilica claims the title as the tallest building in Budapest, standing at 96 meters tall. Construction was completed in 1905, with the Roman Catholic Basilica built in the neoclassical style. Its interior is free to visit (donations are welcomed), while its central dome is home to a panoramic lookout point which is well worth the small fee.

Hungary is worthily famous for its tourism. Several tourists visit our country from year to year, and they adore the most beautiful and famous cities in our country, taste the national dishes, or try the noblest Hungarian wines. Sometimes we, Hungarians, may forget how lucky we are. Our country is full of beautiful natural places and also marvelous buildings and other spectacles. Although we live here, we often forget to enjoy all this treasure which is so near to us. If you choose our Budapest River Cruise, you can flash a glance to the everyday life of the city like a bird which flies above the bank of Buda and Pest and the monumental buildings. You can adore the city with several cars and people. Furthermore, the night lights of Budapest always fascinate our guests. A Budapest Cruise is an inspiring experience not only for foreigners but also for us, Hungarians. Read more details on cruise in Budapest.

The Buda Castle district has several landmarks, the most notable one is the Royal Palace, an enduring symbol of Hungary and its past kingdom. Together with Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion, they bring you an unbelievable panorama. Clearly, the most exciting part of the tour comes with the Hungarian Parliament. As the third largest parliament building of the world, it is a fascinating phenomenon in and of itself, not to mention its floodlights by night. The Parliament is one of Hungary’s famous landmarks; it is definitely worth taking a couple of pictures at this stage. Grab your friends and take some photos in order to save them for the memory book. Budapest Cruise offers free Wi-Fi on board to serve your comfort even further. Besides, our audio guide provided in 11 foreign languages will make sure you hear the stories and anecdotes about Hungarian history and architecture.

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