Why visit Riviera Nayarit with Toorzy

Why visit Riviera Nayarit with Toorzy? San Blas is a small port and fishing town about 100 miles (160 kilometers) north of Puerto Vallarta, a pleasant three to four-hour drive on a good road. Families can walk around the town square, visit a colonial church just across the street, and explore a fortress with a panoramic view of the town. It’s also a relatively cheap destination perfect for taking in the local culture, enjoying authentic meals, and learning the language of Mexico. Just outside the town of San Blas, kids can wade and swim in a large, shallow bay whose beach is popular with Mexican families on getaways from the Nayarit state capital of Tepic. It’s also one of Mexico’s best surf spots for beginners, and casual beach restaurants serve up fresh seafood to satisfy your hunger after a day on the water.

Additional Mexico places to visit: Most of Cancun’s many resorts are built with direct access to the beaches – known locally as “playas” – with stunning views over the sparkling, crystal clear waters that make the destination so popular. Cancun, in fact, consists of a number of beaches, and while regular visitors may have their preferences, it’s hard to go wrong. Among the most popular playas are de las Perlas, Juventud, Linda, Langosta, Tortugas, Caracol, and Chac-mool, some of them lying alongside the Boulevard Cancun and the Paseo Kukulkan all the way from the city boundary (of these, Tortugas, Caracol, and Chac-mool tend to be the busiest). Also of interest is the seven-and-a-half-kilometer-long Paseo Kukulkan, alongside which is an 18-hole public golf course known as Pok-ta-Pok.

You will spend time getting to know and play with our friendly dolphins in a shallow platform before hopping into deeper waters and riding across our crystal clear dolphin pool belly-to-belly with one of these lightning-fast creatures. It is an unforgettable dolphin encounter for the whole family that is designed to be equally exhilarating for people of different ages and swimming abilities. Everyone knows that dolphins are smart, friendly, and fun, but there’s actually a lot that scientists do not know about these animals yet. What we do know is that we can all help protect them from the impact humans are making on their habitats. Read additional info on Puerto Vallarta Travel Tours.

Other Mexico places to visit: Day Trip to Isla Contoy: Isla Contoy is located 30 km north of Isla Mujeres. This natural wildlife reserve and bird sanctuary is 9 km long and 20 metres wide and was declared a National Park in 1998. Isla Contoy is one of the most important areas in Mexico for nesting sea birds and sea turtles. There is a maximum of 200 tourists allowed to visit on a daily basis. A day tour starts from $75 per person click here for more information. Go Fishing: The turquoise blue waters off Isla Mujeres are perfect for deep-sea fishing, inshore fishing and spear fishing. The best months for sailfish and marlin are from mid-December through to July. If you enjoy tuna fishing the best months are between April and August. Depending on what type of fishing you enjoy the most, there are many charter operators that will cater for your needs, ranging from charter boats to private yacht tours.

Among the best things to do in Riviera Nayarit is to indulge at one of the top Nuevo Vallarta spas. The serene ambiance, healing rituals, and insanely relaxing treatments available at some of the best Nuevo Vallarta spas will put a whole new spin on your vacation, providing the tools you need to relax like never before. These facilities often provide an all inclusive setting, which allows you to relax both before and after your treatment. When on vacation, why not treat yourself to a rejuvenating facial, a full body massage, or even a luxuriant body scrub that will have you feeling like new. At the Nuevo Vallarta spas, you’ll find a haven for your mind, body, and spirit. Find additional info on https://toorzy.com/.

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