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The majority of safaris in this website use traditional safari camps and lodges. These may be thatch and stone or tented (See Safari accommodation) but the typical safari would be a game drive in a 4×4 vehicle (with open sides, an opening roof or completely open). In many camps and lodges, but by no means all, there is also the option to take a bush walk either instead of a game drive or perhaps after breakfast.

However there are other types of safaris.

Broadly speaking there are two types of horse-riding safaris depending on your ability in the saddle. If you are an accomplished rider, then you can participate in a specialist horse-riding safari in big game country such as the Okavango Delta or the Serengeti. But you have to have good control of your horse in challenging terrain and when encountering unexpected wildlife movements. You need to know what you are doing.

If you enjoy horses but you may not be up for such a safari, then there are plenty of camps which offer horse-riding safaris for all abilities, even the novice. The difference is that these camps are typically not in big predator country so that you will not have to cope with such encounters. Most of these lodges offer game drives and bush walks as well so that you can opt to mostly ride or mix and match.

Canoe safaris (with

This is either a specialist safari taking place over several days such as the Selinda Canoe Safari or the option to take a canoe safari for a morning or an afternoon as one of many safari activities on offer by the camp. Safari camps in Zambia and Zimbabwe alongside the Zambezi River or Lake Kariba offer canoe excursions.

Specialist walking safaris

I won’t go into too much detail as this is covered under our walking safari pages. But basically there are three main ways of enjoying a walking safari. You can book a set departure mobile walking safari staying at a mix of traditional tented camps and more rustic fly-camps. You can stay at a camp specializing in walking and do daily walks from the camp, or sometimes walk from one camp to a sister camp (available at many Zambian bush camps). Alternatively you can stay at a lodge or camp which has a focus on walking but offers game drives and other activities as well such as boating or canoeing. This is the case with many of the Botswana camps… Please visit this selection of safaris (for german travel) for the complete picture.

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