Tours in Oman: Al Hajjar Round Trip

We are an Oman Adventure Tour and Destination Management Company, offering extensive tours and travel related services in the Sultanate of Oman. Our expertise spans incentive travel, special interest groups as well as tailor-made programs for individual travellers. Our customers prefer the services of UB-Cool Tours because of the quality of the program offered, the personalised service and the perfect organisation. It is one of our prime objectives to get our customers as close as possible to Oman’s diverse natural attractions and in all our activities, we are committed to protecting the Sultanate’s natural beauty and environment.

From Sohar drive via Yanqul, a “transit station” between the Dhahira and Batinah regions to Ibri which is also an important historic site. Its appeal mainly lies in some 90 grave sites spread across a 4 sq km area. These beehive tombs are UNESCO World Heritage sites and are treasured archaeological monuments which date back to civilizations that flourished in the Arabian Peninsular between 3500 BC to 2500BC. The stone tombs built in honeycomb style have withstood the tests of time. Ibri also has a huge rectangular castle and a beautifully restored souq. The Jebel Misht mountain located east of Ibri town is the largest vertical cliff in the Oman mountains.

Your next stop is at the castle of The Jabrin, built in 1670 by the Imam and considered one of the finest and most picturesque of Oman’s forts. The Jabrin Fort is one of the few forts designed as a residence, its wooden doors are elegantly carved and the lattice work windows are delicate and ornate. Compared to other forts in Oman it has turrets and trellised balconies.  The Imam was a great scholar, and gathered around him the most learned men of his day. His love for beauty is reflected in the intricate paintings on the wooden beams of the ceilings and the carved doors of the castle.

Your last stop for the day is at Bahla, a very ancient town, where traders from the Mesopotamian city of Sumer bought and sold their wares. Bahla was known as a centre of magic in the days gone by. Today, Bahla pottery is well known in Oman. The four-towered Bahla fort stands majestically alone, like a sentinel watching over the town and an extensive palm covered oasis, which was protected by a 12 kilometer long wall that encircled the settlement.
Over night at the Golden Tulip Nizwa Hotel


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