What can you see in Austria

Top travel locations to visit in Austria! In the heart of the Salzkammergut Mountains is one peak called Schafberg. This mountain is part of the Limestone Alps, and it boasts a truly incredible view overlooking the Wolfgangsee Lake. What makes Schafberg a top destination is that it is easily accessible with a steam railway. Known as the Schafbergbahn, this train chugs from the town of St Wolfgang all the way to the mountain’s summit. Featured in the Sound of Music, the railway is an iconic attraction that shouldn’t be missed.

On Vienna’s outskirts, the Baroque Schonbrunn Palace was completed in the early 1700s and was later converted into a summer residence by Empress Maria Theresa. Highlights of a tour through the 40 rooms of the palace that are open to the public are the Royal apartments; the Great Gallery, with its ornate ceiling paintings; the Million Room; Maria Theresa’s salon, with its carved and gilded rosewood panels; and the Hall of Mirrors, with its gold Rococo-framed mirrors. Behind the 1,441-room palace stretch 500 acres of parks and gardens, also in the 18th-century Baroque style. Your visit to Schonbrunn should include the many attractions spread throughout these grounds: formal gardens; a labyrinth; the Palm House filled with tropical and exotic plants and butterflies; an Alpine garden with a farmhouse; Europe’s oldest zoo; and the Classical Gloriette, a grand marble structure crowning a hill above the gardens. A carriage museum in the former Winter Riding School displays dozens of historical state coaches and sleighs. The entire palace and gardens complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

A flight of steps in lovely Klosterneuburg Abbey leads down to the 12th-century St. Leopold’s Chapel where Leopold III is buried. It’s also where you’ll find the famous Verdun Altar. Perhaps the finest existing example of medieval enamel work, the altar consists of 51 panels of champleve work on gilded copper depicting Biblical scenes by Nicholas of Verdun from around 1181. Originally on the reading pulpit of the former Romanesque church, the panels were put together to form the present winged altarpiece after a fire in 1329. Four painted panels affixed to the altar in 1331 and the oldest in Austria – they were painted in Vienna before 1329 – are now in the Abbey Museum.

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Famous for hosting the Winter Olympics twice, in 1964 and 1976, the city of Innsbruck is widely considered to be one of the best winter sports destinations in the world. Visitors not so keen on skiing or snowboarding, or those visiting during the summer months can find plenty to do in the historic city as well, including exploring the Innsbruck Cathedral, the bell-making museum, or a number of local restaurants. One of Austria’s most scenic cities, Innsbruck is nestled in the heart of the Alps.

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