An awesome country : Indonesia

Indonesia is a fabulous destination, so much colour, a must see. The Gili Islands are a major draw in Lombok, which has risen in popularity among backpackers and tourists in recent years. These picturesque islands offer beaches that rival those of Bali in their beauty, as well as opportunities for diving and even snorkeling at a turtle sanctuary. If you’re looking for more turtle action, you can check out a turtle hatchery where hundreds of these creatures are born each year. Kayaking is also popular in the Gilis, and if you’re seeking a place to reconnect with your mind and body, you will find several options for yoga classes. The Gili Islands provide a more relaxed, though still stimulating, alternative to popular Bali.

This lake in East Kalimantan has water as clear as glass; so clear, in fact, that you can see your boat’s shadow on the lake bed. Tourists can also swim with hundreds of tropical fish and snorkel to enjoy the beauty of freshwater coral. Read more on Tempat Wisata.

The Baliem Valley in the highlands of Western New Guinea offers a glimpse into what was recently a stone-age world. The valley was not known to the outside world until 1938 when an aerial reconnaissance flight southwards from Hollandia (now Jayapura) discovered a large agricultural population. Wamena is the starting point for most visitors who come nowadays to marvel at the mountain views, roaring rivers, tribal villages and at the tough but sweet spirit of the warm Dani people.

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque (masjid raya) This majestic mosque, located in the city center of Banda Aceh is one of the top destination here and stood as a testament to the historical grandeur of Sumatra. It is a significant symbol to the Aceh people for their rich religion and culture. This is especially so as it survived the devastating 2004 tsunami still intact. The design of this mosque is a fusion of the colonial and Moghul Indian architecture with the local traditional Acehnese features. Read more details at Indonesia tourist attractions.

Campuhan Ridge Walk- One of the most breathtaking nature treks that you can take in the Ubud region, Campuhan Ridge Walk will take you through lush paddies, quaint bridges, rippling rivers and small villages to bring you to the majestic Pura Gunung Lebah temple complex. Goa Gajah ‘Elephant Cave’- This 9th-century cave is a fascinating place to visit in Ubud. The intricate engravings of terrifying creatures and demons on its entrance tell a tale of cultural practices that are very interesting.

Shell Museum- Revel in the unique beauty of hundreds upon thousands of shells from all over the world that are encased in the halls of the Shell Museum in Kuta. Gunung Payung Beach- Being low on the tourist radar means that visitors to the Gunung Payung Beach can easily enjoy the peace and solitude that it offers while admiring its startling beauty.

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