Nashville family-friendly city tours 2022 with

Top Nashville family-friendly city tours right now? Puppet City Tours is the newest Nashville attraction, a guided walking tour in Nashville with puppetry and storytelling for tourists and locals. It is owned and operated by Joshua Sellers and Casey Peavey and with experienced local tour guides and professional puppeteers. Recently they launched a new walking tour that is family-friendly in downtown Nashville. The tour is led by a puppet and is one of a kind. There are many options for family activities for tourists such as the zoo or museums, but there is no walking tour that is family inclusive – fun for grade school children and adults alike. Discover even more information on Nashville tours with puppets.

Nashville artist Zoe Teets masterfully crafts every life-sized puppet used on tours. Each puppet has its own personality, backstory and voice to help create a fully immersive experience for our guests. By the end of the tour, you’ll believe the puppets are as real as the puppeteers!

Casey Peavey joined Josh Sellers in the venture of creating a family-friendly tour in Nashville. As a mother and tour guide, she recognized the limited options for families who visit Nashville year-round. One day between tours, Josh expressed an idea for a puppet-guided tour. A partnership was born to create a new and unique experience through storytelling and puppets. Casey is a popular and highly rated local guide in Nashville serving on food tours, pub crawls and walking tours. She has a passion for tourism and often travels internationally with her family including her grade school children.

Other Nashville attractions that can be visited during the Nashville family-friendly city tours : While strolling through Downtown Nashville and experiencing its contemporary tourist attractions, you are following in the footsteps of the city’s past. Evidence of the earliest settlers can be found along the shores of the Cumberland River at Fort Nashborough. The views in Downtown Nashville feature landmarks that you can see from the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge. Johnny Cash, known as the “Man in Black,” had a hard scrabble life that he surmounted to win the Grammy award 17 times and become one of the most beloved stars of country music. Visit the museum in his honor in downtown Nashville.

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