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The amphitheater in Pula is the sixth largest surviving Roman arena and one of the best preserved Roman monuments in Croatia. The Pula Arena was built around the 1st century AD and could seat over 26,000 spectators. In the 15th century many stones were taken from the amphitheater to build houses and other structures around Pula, but fortunately this practice was stopped before the whole structure was destroyed. Today it is a popular Croatia attraction and used to host a variety of festivals and performances during the summer months.

Dubrovnik, Croatia’s most glamorous tourist destination and a UNESCO World Heritage site, centers on the magnificent Old Town area, contained within sturdy medieval defensive walls. Any first-time sightseeing tour of the city should begin with a walk around these sturdy old ramparts (the complete circuit measures two kilometers), which incorporate fortresses, towers, and cannons along the way. You’ll also likely enter the Old Town through the famous Pile Gate, built in 1537 and one of the city’s most impressive structures. From high up on the walls, you can enjoy amazing views over the Old Town rooftops and out across the glistening Adriatic Sea (be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring bottled water-and a selfie stick).

The Festival of Dalmatian Klapa takes place every July in Omis, with numerous concerts celebrating this traditional type of Dalmatian singing. It may not look much from the outside, bare brickwork and a ship’s lifebelt, or the inside, bare brickwork, and low ceilings, but the Kalalarga on Makarska’s main thoroughfare of ulica Ante Starcevica serves some of the best Dalmatian food you’ll be served on the Makarska Riviera. With the town’s main fish market 200 metres away and the produce market also close, chef Mario Tomas and kitchen have quality materials to work with, to produce traditional favourites and dishes with a more modern slant. These appear on the selection of daily specials, which operates in place of any tired regular menu.

Not all elements of Nature manage to entice everyone. For example, some may like to watch stunning waterfalls while some others may prefer to gaze through a green blanket while some others may want to tune their souls with the silence of Nature. Whatever the reason be, Krka National Park is one of the best places to go to Croatia. The primary attraction of this park is a wide range of stunning waterfalls, the best of which is Skradinski Buk Falls. Apart from this stunner, there is a host of diversified wildlife that can entice almost anyone at any time. Some human touch can be found in the form of secluded monasteries too. The 200-meter deep canyon through which the Krka River flows is yet another famous tourist destination in Croatia.

With a history dating back to the time of the ancient Romans, the small town of Porec is now the most popular holiday destination in Istria. The oldest parts of the town are from the 4th century, but Porec is most famous for being home to a 6th-century basilica, which features gem-studded Byzantine mosaics and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, many visitors are drawn here by the beaches; Porec boasts more than 10 km of coastline, with beaches ranging from rocky to pebbly to sandy. The area also offers more than 250 km of cycling trails of various lengths and difficulties. Discover additional information at

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