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An awesome place : Colorado? Mesa Verde National Park, southwest near Cortez, is perhaps the greatest archaeological wonder in the United States and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn about the lives and history of the Ancestral Pueblo people as you visit Cliff Palace, Balcony House and Long House, incredible cliff dwellings and mesa-top villages built between 450 and 1300. There’s also a few hiking trails available within the park, including one to a petroglyph panel.

Strawberry Parks Hot Springs is a natural paradise you can’t miss out on. Preserved to allow visitors the chance to relax in a gorgeous, wild setting while also keeping it accessible to all, bring your swimsuit and test out these natural springs next time you need to recharge. Appreciate the best jacuzzis that Mother Nature has to offer! The park has day areas for picnics and changing rooms, or you can stay overnight if you want to extend your trip. Explore the nearby hiking trails or bring your bike if you’re a cyclist. You can always relax in the springs and soothe your sore muscles after. The beauty and unique stone formations around the springs will make your visit well worth it.

A full, southern style breakfast can be found at Sassafras. Definitely order the Beignets and the Hot Sassafras Tea, if you’re not a coffee lover. But, if you’re like us, you prefer a late morning. Head on over to Abejas for brunch on Saturday and Sunday! Make a reservation, trust us. They have a seasonal menu that will not disappoint. Lunch is a no-brainer at Thai Gold. The lunch special is so much food! The restaurant has a great outdoor area and it’s across the street from the inn! Yes, please!! Indulge is definitely our favorite happy hour in town. The food is chef driven and unique and the wine is perfectly paired! We love the Ahi Tuna Guacamole, let them pick a great wine to go with it!! Discover additional details at Hotels in Golden Co.

A spectacular scenic drive stretches from the old mining town of Silverton, to the town of Ouray, along what is called the Million Dollar Highway. This is a 46-kilometer two-lane highway that hugs the mountainside in places and looks out over jaw-dropping cliffs and across valleys to inspiring mountain peaks. It is one of the most spectacular mountain drives in Colorado. If you have time, you can extend this into a longer route and drive the San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway. The Skyway is a full-day trip that you will want to do in good weather, but can be done in winter or summer. Beginning in Durango, the San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway is a complete loop that will take you up to Silverton, along the Million Dollar Highway to Ouray, over to Placerville, south to Telluride, Dolores, Mancos, and back to Durango. If you have less time or are only planning on heading in one direction, you can do the Silverton to Ouray section beginning from Durango, up to Silverton, over the Million Dollar Highway to Ouray, and beyond to Montrose or further north to Grand Junction.

When you leave The Dove Inn, we want you to be ready to come back and stay asap. Here are some notes on our inn so that you can know what to expect and get the most out of your stay! The Dove Inn was built in 1866! She’s old and sometimes that means she makes funny noises. We have chosen period pieces to reflect the beauty and charm from that era, but we’ve modernized much of the inn. Check-in is automated and breakfast is simple. This isn’t a hover-y kind of Bed and Breakfast. You may not see us for your whole stay! We believe that you know best how to spend your time, and we think you’ll find the inn a luxurious and comfortable place to do just that. See even more info at

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