Costa Rica Surf Trips

Sun, heat, blue waves, absolute freedom … in a paradise like destination. This is how i would describe one of my favouries trips , the Costa Rica surf trips.

Less crowded than the beaches of Sydney, Hawaii or Southern California, the sandy stretches of Costa Rica offer plenty of swells, breaks and surf shops.

I can say that Costa Rica is one of the world’s best surfing destinations. Whether you’re a novice like me, or a dominator of waves, this country has a beach for you, and probably several beaches not far to the north and south that are also a fit.

These trips are just the start of our goal to find travelers the best hotels and surf tours, at the best price. Surf tours can be customized to your liking, for shorter or longer stays, and we can also recommend excursions for the non-surfer to enjoy when not on the beach.

Send us your preferred dates and we’ll match them to the best price with the most convenience. Remember, you must be 21 to rent vehicle and have a major credit card in your name to secure the deposit.

Any finally, before booking any trip, make sure you have your passport and it is not about to expire (more than 6 months). Otherwise, your surf trip will be limited to the drive to and from the airport. Do let this happen to you – Family Denied Entry Into Costa Rica for Short Passport Expiry

If you are interested in making an awesome and unforgetable exotic trip please consider the Costa Rica surf trips. I went with CRSurf and i was very pleased with the outcome of the trip. Here are some things from their website, quite accurate i must say:

Why choose CR Surf Travel Company to plan your trip?

1. We are a licensed and insured travel agency in California
2. We SURF and know what surfers want in a surf trip
3. We help local environment & community groups
4. ALL we do do is help people plan surf trips to Costa Rica
5. Lonely Planet calls us the “Costa Rica Surfing Experts”
6. We are based in California and easy to contact
7. We have surfed almost EVERY break in Costa Rica
8. We’ve helped clients with trips for over 15 years
9. We work with reliable car rentals who have newer vehicles
10. Our top priority is customer service

Contact phone : 1-877-SURF-007 (787-3007)

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