Couples travel and rental in Barcelona

  1. Recreate your first date

I do not know how long you’ll be together, or how long you do not have a good time. But, if you notice that the flame goes out for a moment, perhaps the time has come to recreate your first date and, if you have never had a first date, it is definitely time to have one. The steps are very simple:


Choose a day (if it’s a surprise, better)

Try to remember the place where you first met or your favorite corner of the city and start the date with a walk

Book in your favorite restaurant or that one that always tells you that you want to know

And, most importantly, let yourself be carried away by the evening, forget about worries and mobile phones. It will be a beautiful memory, I promise.


  1. These are the best restaurants to go with a partner in Barcelona

If you are bored of going to the same old restaurants and the bull has caught you on the subject of planning, we open the door to a new world of ideas with which to surprise your companion with a romantic dinner in Barcelona. Although keep in mind that trendy restaurants tend to fill up soon, so I hope that the bull does not catch you at all and give you time to reserve.


Restaurant Pla in Barcelona


Ready for a romantic plan in Barcelona? We go there with our list. The most modern restaurant of these recommendations is En Ville, located near the Metro Liceu, but do not fear that it is not a bar of guiris, it is a restaurant with delicacies and also gluten-free. If you are looking for good views your choice is Torre d’Alta Mar, located on the heights of the mythical tower of Barcelona, ​​you will dine practically on the sea. Pla is possibly the restaurant to go with par excellence par excellence of Barcelona, ​​its intimate atmosphere and its dim light are the perfect allies for a romantic evening. The presentation and preparation of their dishes are a delight. La Balsa, impossible not to recommend this beautiful restaurant in Bracelona, ​​its menu is characterized by adapting its dishes to the season and betting on seasonal products.


If you need more ideas to complete this list of romantic restaurants in Barcelona, ​​check out our special.


  1. A drink to the beat of music


A concert is the perfect plan to do as a couple in Barcelona. I do not tell you to go to the Razzmatazz Room to dance as if there was not a tomorrow – or yes, if you are a true partygoers – but if you prefer a lower level of high, I propose one of these live music bars in Barcelona. If you are going to opt for this plan, I recommend three completely different spaces, the first of them with a certain clandestine air is Milano Cocktail Bar. Of totally different aspect is the English pub The Philarmonic. Finally, another classic with Bohemian touches Little Italy, perfect to enjoy live jazz on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


  1. Cultural Creation and outdoor leisure

If you are looking for a couple plan in Barcelona during the summer, we recommend two cultural spaces with outdoor area that, like our live music bars, have little or nothing to do with each other. We start with a space of creation that, worth the redundancy, has created itself. We could consider it as a survivor that still stands, it is the Antic Teatre, where besides enjoying its programming you can be at your ease in your patio in true Berlin style. Little or nothing has to do with this in format or appearance the Ateneu Barcelonés, but its garden is infarct. It depends if you are an alternative pair or something more classic the choice of a space or another.


  1. An unexpected spectacle

Surprise your partner with that show he talks so much about. Music, theater, musical, monologue … a range of possibilities at your fingertips to enjoy with a special person a romantic plan in Barcelona.


We are talking about one of the cities with more options of cultural plans, to make your search a little easier we have grouped you all the cultural events of Barcelona in this cultural agenda of Barcelona.


  1. A different photo book

Couple eating ice cream during a photo shoot

Yes, you may just be amazed with my plan as a couple, I would have done it if it were you, but the question is: have you tried it? I’m not talking about a photo session with a couple in the style of Ana Obregón summer posed but to enjoy a day together in Barcelona with a professional photographer who knows how to get your best side, without having to touch the forced pose. Seriously, give my idea a chance, then you will have some very cool photos for the memory and for sure the session leaves you some laugh for the memory too.

For sleep? The best romantic apartments in

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