Desert safari essential preparation checklist

One of the most important things that you shouldn’t miss at all is your camera. There are a lot of wild animal species like deer and reptiles which you would surely like to capture in your camera. Remember when you reach the campsite you need to get yourself a good place to sit where you can enjoy the dance and other stuff especially when you are in a big group.

Dune bashing can be a bit bumpy, so enjoy a light lunch early in the day and avoid drinking too much water. Read more regarding morning safari.

Wear comfortable and loose clothing. Unlike elsewhere in Dubai, you will be solely in the company of other tourists and modest clothing is not mandatory. Shorts and thin strap tops are acceptable for women. Men can also wear shorts. I wore a lightweight top with linen trousers which I found to be comfortable and cool.

The temperature in the desert is a little lower than the city and drops by a few degrees in the evening. I took a lightweight cardigan with me but it wasn’t necessary (October).

Come prepared and bring supplies

Thar desert is boiling in the day (even in winter) and then very cold at night. So I would make sure that you bring the right gear to protect yourself from the harsh conditions.

Bring suncream for the sun beating down on you, water to make sure you’re hydrated, warm clothes for the night spent out in the desert and your camera to record all the great memories! Extra info on dune buggy Dubai.

eople travel for different reasons. While for some, it is the adventure and thrill, while for others, it is the chance to take a break from routine life and relax. Whatever might be your reason, the desert safari in Dubai would definitely excite everyone. From adventure to entertainment, the desert safari is the perfect way to have great fun. As there are so many types of desert safaris available, it becomes difficult to choose the best desert safari Dubai.

Doing desert safari is one of the most special things that you can have in Dubai, it’s very fun. But the company that take you by Land Cruiser are telling that everything is free, it’s not true, when you go there, there is only small things that is free, others are charging, don’t disappoint and don’t expect that every things will be free 😉

Remember, there are four common types of camps that are being offered by the tour agencies in Dubai – Shared Camps (with other companies), Large Private Camps, Small Private Camps and Private Set-ups.

As the name suggests, shared camps are mainly large camps where facilities are shared by guests who booked packages with different agencies. Designed for the budget travellers, such camps lack in privacy and freedom to do things as per one’s personal schedule.

Large Private Camps are arranged by a single company, but for a large group of guests, sometimes as large as of 500-600 people at a time. This is again a pocket-friendly option, but one major drawback of such camps is that guests may not avail personalised service. Small Private Camps, on the other hand, feature better facilities and service and hence make an ideal choice for couples, families as well as those netting tickets aboard Dubai flights to celebrate special occasions.

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