The Easiest way to get your own entry visa in Brazil

Ilha Grande, or “Big Island,” is a beautiful island off Rio de Janeiro that is largely undeveloped. It was first a leper colony and then was home to a maximum security prison that closed in 1994. Consequently, beautiful tropical beaches and virgin Atlantic rainforest abound on Ilha Grande. Vila do Abra?o, the largest city on the island, has only 1,900 people. Motorized vehicles are banned from the island.

Chapada dos Veadeiros is a national park in Goias state about 240 km (150 miles) from Brasilia. Many travelers say their visit here was the highlight of their Brazilian trip: cascading waterfalls, lush greenery, wildlife and hiking trails. They warn, however, that some of the hiking trails are demanding so hikers need to be in good physical condition. They recommend at least two days in the park.

This intro is here just to show you why you need to visit Brazil soon…

Types Of E-Visa for US Citizen Visiting Brazil

When you are applying for a regular visa to Brazil as an US citizen, you will find out that there are many types of visas that you can fill out the application for, depending upon the purpose of your visit. Similarly, an e-visa to Brazil for US citizen is also available in different formats. You can learn more about the following types of E-visa to Brazil:

E-Visa for Tourists,
E-Visa for people on Business,
E-Visa for visiting friends and relatives, and
E-Visa for visit for Sports, cultural, humanitarian, academic and/or scientific activities

However, for the US Citizens visa to Brazil, only the tourist version is available as of now. Holiday coming soon and you need a Brazil visa for US citizen?

Places Where You Can Get An E-Visa

While there is always an option to get the e-visa from the government portals, you can also go private since there are many companies which provide the service for a small fee. There are additional benefits when you go for a company in the private sector.

The private companies almost always follow the ‘customer first’ philosophy. This is why the chances that you will receive better customer support through a private company are quite high.
All the data and documents that you will send will be verified by the company first so that there is no delay in the approval of the e-visa.
The private service providers can also cater to bulk orders for corporates and families.

The Brazil visa for US citizens is a tool to encourage more travel. American citizens will be able to experience the country in many ways. US citizens can invest in businesses, take courses, participate in sports events, and more. The Brazilian visa for US citizens is not simply useful for tourism purposes.

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