Travel dating in Serbia

Serbia’s capital city Belgrade is undoubtedly the country’s highlight, with many coming to reveal in its renowned party scene and fabulous restaurant culture. It’s also the main destination if you want a visiting & dating rich trip.

But outside the capital the country is steeped a rich and varied history, with attractions ranging from the pre-historic ruins at Lepenski Vir to the medieval monasteries of Manasija and Studenica.The baroque splendour of the Petrovardin Fortress in Novi Sad, also known as the ‘Gibraltar of the Danube’ is a must see.

Serbia’s starling natural beauty is evident in its five national parks. Exploring the wild woodlands, rugged mountains and rapid rivers can easily be done from the seat of your car if you’re not inclined to hiking or rafting. Views of the soaring cliffs of Kazan and the massive Drina River Gorge are not to be missed.


  • Belgrade is a notorious party town, so if you’re looking to live it up, head to the capital city for it’s excellent restaurants, music and nightlife.
  • Visit the pretty café lined streets of Novi Sad, host to Serbia’s biggest music festival each July. The town also boasts the impressive baroque Petrovardin Citadel.
  • Explore the historical sites of Derdap National Park, featuring pre-historic remains at Lepenski Vir and the impressive Derdap Gorge.
  • Discover Serbia’s stunning monasteries, the most impressive of which are the hidden gems of Studenica, Decani and Gracanica.
  • Tour some of the old Hungarian towns in Vojvodina, including Subotica and Sombor and marvel at their ornate secessionist architecture.
  • Hike amongst the forested hills of Zlatibor and Kopaonik national parks, taking in the picturesque views of valleys, rivers and streams


Here are some fast tips if you want to talk to a serbian women during your trip:

  • They like to be “protected”. It means that she likes to have a man by her side. Someone who is going to hold her when it’s hard, listen to her when it’s needed and tell her that everything will be better.
  • They like compliments. If the only compliment you have is about her ass, then it’s not gonna last so long. Say something about her eyes, her voice, her soul.
  • Make them feel wanted. Keep telling her how much she means to you, how much you love her. That you would be lost without her.
  • Listen to them. She likes to think that you care about what she’s saying. She feels smart and appreciated.
  • Never, ever interrupt them, because they’re gonna get really mad. I have experience.


Here are few places where you can mix visiting Beograd and dating serbian women :

  • Lower town Belgrade fortress and 25th May riverside; Start your date on the fortress and then go down to lower city and enjoy the view of the fort from there, than bypass Nebojsha tower. Walk along the river and go for a cocktail, hot chocolate or even breakfast in Viva floating bar. Sunsets from the top of the bar are amazing.
  • Big war island; The island between the Sava and the Danube rivers, not very often visited but full with beautiful nature. In summer time you can get to it over an improvised bridge from Zemun. Perfect for a picnic and a stroll through the wilderness. The bridge closes at 8p.m. so if you are late, your date might turn into a Tarzan & Jane experience.
  • Zemun and Gardosh; Romantic stroll through the old part of Zemun where everything is like a movie set. For a sophisticated date, drink in Sharan restaurant, for a buzzing evening go out in some of the bars with local music. Walk up to Millennium tower, and enjoy an amazing view of old Belgrade.
  • Confluence (USCE); They say this place is magical because particles of water from a huge area are all joining each other here in the mighty merging of Danube and Sava! It’s a birdwatchers area where you can stroll along the river side and have a drink with a view of Belgrade fortress.
  • USCE Big War Island; Kosanchicev Venac Place with both glorious and tragically history. If you want to impress your date learn all about this area and its history by heart. Have a blueberry beer in Turtle pub, or vine on Cobalt Street in a bar, and you will feel like in a 19 century love story!
  • Botanical garden; Nice and relaxing stroll for those who are more shy. A get-to-know-each-other first date.
  • Ada ciganlija; Whole day date. An active date- water skiing, bungee jumping, adventure park, swimming, biking, jogging, or just relaxing by the lake in a swing, a nice night walk or a romantic picnic with self-made barbecue. In winter time visit the bars with fireplaces and check the amazing view of the lake.


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