You must see Myanmar at least once

Myanmar is a dream come true travel destination, there is such an abundance of colour, exotic places and interesting attractions. Few people have heard about Myanmar, some only know it as Burma, the old name, and most people have the same reaction when they hear something like this from northern Thailand’s neighbors: “Myanmar, is this even a country?”

It is also fascinating, impressive and strikes you as a very cold shower since you take the first step in the airport. Even though I seriously documented myself before going out this spring, nothing prepared me for the reality that you will discover there. Whether you want to get there in the very near future, or want to enrich your general culture a little, you should know a few things about Myanmar.

Vaccines: And here’s how we get to the favorite topic of all tourists and, precisely why, something more delicate. Is it safe or not to travel to Myanmar (and not only) if you are in good health? Well, what we can tell you is what we chose and what made us make a decision or another. We started at the end of 2017 on a longer trip and didn’t know exactly where we were going. That is why before I left I got typhoid and diphtheria / antitetanus vaccines. It is true, however, that we met during our trip quite a few tourists who did not take any precautionary measures. What we advise you is that, if you are uncertain, talk to a specialist doctor before explaining in detail what to do. Only then will you be able to make the best decision, whether or not to get vaccinated.

Dust country: Before we got here, we didn’t imagine there could be such a dusty country as Myanmar. It’s true that I had read about it, but we thought it must be an exaggeration. It wasn’t. It didn’t take long and I understood that a cloud of dust was practically floating above this country. The worst feeling I experienced was in Nyaungswe (a small town near Inle Lake), in Bagan, in Mandalay and its surroundings. The surgical masks were very useful, which we recommend wholeheartedly if you plan to spend a few days in the area. People: The 17 days I spent in Myanmar started a new challenge for us, to discover another people who are at least as friendly and welcoming as the Burmese. Everyone greets you, everyone smiles, the children gather flowers or fruits with their hands to give them to you, just so, when you visit there, whole families sit and smile broadly if they see that you want to make them picture, it even compliments you at every turn. Discover more details at Myanmar travel agents.

These are the elements we take into account in all our vacations and we wanted to clarify them because it happened that some photos from Myanmar were accompanied on Facebook by a message saying that we, as tourists, seemed an expensive destination. I stirred up a wave of conflicting opinions. Indeed, Myanmar may be a cheap destination, but under certain conditions: if you opt for hostel accommodation – that is, a bed in a room with 4 to 12 people, with a shared bathroom -, if you eat street food, if you do transfer between cities by local bus or train – in case you do not mind spending 10-12 hours in such a means of transport instead of 40 minutes by plane.

Burmese chew betel leaves mixed with various powders and tobacco as a drug that gives them a euphoric state, broken teeth and stained lips and addiction. You will see them spitting the reddish-brown mixture all over the street. Do not be surprised if in a restaurant, shop or hotel you have five employees around you. One asks you, one takes your money, one writes, one gives you the product, one checks. Most of the time they get in the way of each other and they don’t really get what they want to do. Have patience and do not raise the tone, you will not solve anything with this. Discover more info at Places to visit in Myanmar.

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