Cheapest countries or “Where do i live longer with $500?”

British holiday makers could livefor 44 days in Thailand and 26 days in Mexico on a budget of just £500. That’s compared to only 6 days in Switzerland and Norway. For the cheapest coffee, Britons should head to Bulgaria where it costs 95p. Beer drinkers should consider visiting Bulgaria where a beer costs just 97p or Czech Republic where it is only £1.07

I would also add, in general, any east Europe country, where prices are generally much lower.


Country Days you could laston £500? (Days) Country Days you could last on £500 (Days)
Thailand/Baht 44 Switzerland/CHF 6
Mexico/MXN Peso 26 Norway/Krone 6
Jamaica/JM$ 25 Denmark/Krone 7
Bulgaria/BGN Lev 23 Netherlands/Euro 8
Czech Republic/Koruna 23 Belgium/Euro 8
Hungary/Forint 22 Republic of Ireland/Euro 8
Poland/Zloty 22 Italy/Euro 8
Turkey/TL 22 Australia/AU$ 9
South Africa/Rand 18 Finland/Euro 9
Portugal/Euro 17 France/Euro 9

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