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Hunting advices and the best whitetail deer hunting in Texas? Every early-season hunter who has walked away from his stand sweaty and empty-handed knows that high fall temperatures can turn whitetails into slugs. Already clad in their winter coats, most warm-weather bucks move sparingly and almost exclusively at night. But successful whitetail hunting isn’t about finding most bucks. It’s about finding one buck you can kill. To make hot hunts pay off, you have to continually remind yourself that somewhere out there, a buck is moving during shooting hours. Your job is to figure out where and when, and how to tag him. Here’s a breakdown that’ll help you do just that.

Deer Behavior: Across much of whitetail range, November is all about the rut. Where firearm hunting begins, deer take refuge in dense or secluded cover and reduce their daytime activity. Hotspots: Go to water sources now because bucks need to consistently rehydrate when the chasing phase of the rut starts. You can also count on bucks to show up at doe bedding areas, such as low brushy places. And zero in on security cover. That means dense, distant, or overlooked spots. Once peak breeding arrives, bucks force estrous does into such cover, and when firearm season opens, this is where the big ones escape from pressure.

We had a great time this past weekend. The owner and his family are hard working, salt of the earth people, who want their customers to leave happy. They treat you like a friend instead of a client. The cabins were clean and comfortable, and the ranch is covered with game. We saw deer, turkey and hogs every day. I would definitely recommend B4 Hunting Adventures for your next hunt. See extra info on Best Guided Hunts Texas.

Jared Larsen, onXmaps: Whether you hunt the same 100 acres you’ve hunted for 20 years or you’re a public-land guy covering new ground, apps like ours have a ton of uses for whitetail hunters. If I’m hunting public land, I’ll first use our web-based map to look for hard-to-access places—areas requiring a boat or kayak or a bit of creativity to get to. That cuts down on the number of hunters I’ll have to contend with. Next, I’ll use aerial imagery to determine habitat diversity. It’s no secret that whitetails are edge creatures, so I determine where these edges and habitat diversity exist. From there, I’ll use topo-based maps to find naturally occurring funnels, like a saddle between ridges or where two draws come together. I’ll drop waypoints on the map and then sync these with the phone app. When you’re out there trying to find a particular tree to hang a stand, you’ll have those general areas that you’ve e-scouted.

Since 1847 my Family has raised cattle and hunted on this Ranch. Through years of management practices, we produce Trophy wild game. We offer 5 star Meals & Lodging and can accommodate large groups of hunters or an all exclusive hunt. Our Ranch is free-range hunting with no high fences. We offer Full & Semi-Guided hunts. We can put you in a blind in front of a feeder or do a spot & stalk. We offer Deer, Axis, Turkey, Dove, Ram, Hog, and Predator hunting. Read additional details on 5 Star Texas Hunting Ranch.

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