Unhappy with your clothes : the recipe for a failed vacation

So you planned the vacation all year, eagerly awaiting the departure date. Flight was ok, hotel is ok, but a general grumpy mode can be felt …. what’s wrong ? Suddenly, you  realized that your clothes are not “in trend” , have an “old feel”, etc, etc.

I can tell you right now, this vacation is ruined.On the holiday preparation check-list there must be , always, a wardrobe renewal check point.

For our UK readers, here is the place where i look for new fashionable jeans and dresses, looking for clothes that are comfortable but also “special”, something trendy but not over used by everyone. This summer i rocked this awesome pair of Boot Cut stretch Jeans , needless to say that i got all the eyes. And looks!

Seriously now, never under-estimate what feeling bad about your clothes suitcase can do to your general feeling, it can ruin any vacation. And , usually, on the beach or riviera, it’s hard to find nice clothes. Let’s not talk about the prices, the *tourist prices …

Vacation Packing Checklist

* One casual outfit per day of travel (up to 4) per person
* One dressy outfit
* One sweater or jacket
* Underwear, delicates
* Socks
* Pajamas
* Swimwear
* Belt
* Coat / Hat / Gloves / Scarf

The most important parts (casual outfit, dressy outfit, sweater or jacket, Underwear, Swimwear, belts) can be found in one place. This summer i discovered https://urbandirect.co.uk/ , and i really liked the collection selection they made. Looking gorgeous and feeling comfortable.

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