You must see Istanbul, Turkey at least once with free walking tours

Top travel locations to visit in Istanbul? The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is Istanbul’s most famous site and is the top thing to do in Istanbul. A visit to the city would not be complete without laying eyes on its beauty. It’s known by its more common name, The Blue Mosque because of the blue tiles surrounding the walls of its interior. It is still a functioning mosque but visitors can enter if they follow the rules. Long pants should be worn and women must have their shoulders and heads covered. Located in the old city, it’s the perfect way to start your day before moving on to the other sights nearby.

Going on a scenic all-day cruise of the Bosphorus is one of Istanbul’s greatest pleasures according to many. They’re right. Sehir Hatlari is Istanbul’s official ferry company and offers three Bosphorus Cruises — Full, Short, and Moonlight (Evening). The Short Cruise takes you on a two-hour loop while the Full and Moonlight Cruises last for six hours and take you all the way to Anadolu Kavagi, which is the last dock before the Black Sea. It’s a charming seaside town where you can have a delicious seafood lunch or dinner by the water. Check out my post on the Bosphorus Cruise with Sehir Hatlari for more pictures and information.

Open since 2003, Miniatrk is home to more than 100 intricate, accurate, and detailed scale models of famous landmarks and places from around Turkey and beyond. It’s a great place to get an overview of the country and learn about important sites that you may not previously have known about. One of the biggest miniature parks in the world, Miniatrk covers around 60,000 square metres (160,000 square feet), with both open and enclosed areas and waterways. It is sure to capture the imagination of people of all ages and is a great place to take the kids for a couple of hours. Explore Turkey and beyond as you discover a wealth of fascinating places. Models are created in a scale of 1:25 and are very accurate. Take a tour of Istanbul, with places like Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, Maiden’s Tower, the Anatolian Fortress, Ataturk Airport, Hagia Sophia, the July 15th Martyrs Bridge, Dolmabahçe Clock Tower, and Eyp Sultan Mosque among the models in the park. Explore extra info on Free walking tour Istanbul.

Is Istanbul worth visiting? Of course! It is a beautiful city filled with astonishing landmarks and meaningful traditions. You will find a lot of exciting things to do in Istanbul. There are plenty of attractive Istanbul points of interest, so going sightseeing in Istanbul is such a fulfilling experience that you will never forget. Istanbul was first founded in 660 BC. It was named Byzantion at that time. In 330 AD, the city was rebuilt, and the name was changed into Constantinople. Throughout history, this city has served as the capital city of many imperials, from the Romans to the Ottoman. That is why you can feel the powerful influences of both Islam and Christianity in Istanbul. Some of the most famous Istanbul tourist attractions are magnificent mosques and churches.

The best way of visit and understanding the modern Istanbul: history, politics, culture, tradition, street food and – of course – cold local beer. This Istanbul walking tour has it all. We started at Taksim Square, passed through different neighborhood and ended up with an amazing sunset by the sea on the Asian side, Kadikoy. We came to know a lot of things about local life in Turkey that otherwise we wouldn’t get to know. I highly recommend it!’ Find extra info at here.

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